Saturday, 5 May 2012

Removing the centreboard

I recently noticed that my centreboard had a chunk missing from the leading edge, I'm not sure how long its been like this but its there is enough missing to warrant a repair. So today I removed my centreboard and this is how to do it!

1. With the boat on its launching trolley, prop up the front of the boat so you have enough room to lie down under the front of the centre board slot.

2.  lie under the boat and locate the metal retaining plate on the leading edge of the centreboard.

3. with a cross head screw driver in hand, remove the 2 screws holding in the retaining plate -- put them somewhere safe

4. now its time to take to the water (easiest method) OR remove the boat off the launching trolley and turn the boat over onto one side (much more effort). If taking to the water, ideally tie up alongside a pontoon and tie a line from the centreboard handle to the boat -- it will sink if you drop it overboard!

5. with the boat in the water, slide the board down into the sailing position.

6. slide the centreboard back and upwards in order to remove it from the pivot pin.

7. pull the board out!


  1. Hi can you tell me if this is a Wayfarer World centreboard ?
    many thanks Paul

  2. Hi, this is a wanderer dinghy centerboard (the hartley version).

  3. Really good, thanks for sharing this, very useful

  4. Really good, thanks for sharing this, very useful