Friday, 31 August 2012

Small Trailer Sailors

Our Dream Boat: Baycruiser 23
So having sold the Wanderer dinghy the hunt is on for a new boat, which must meet the following criteria:

* an all up trailing weight of less than 500kg (maximum my car can tow unbraked) 

* a boat with a simple rig that is quick to rig

* a cabin with room for 2 people to sleep and good stowage

* a boat that is seaworthy and looks good!

* 18 foot or under so it could be parked on a driveway

* the ability to dry out in tidal waters

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Updated blog!

Having sold Tardis last week, the blog was suffering from an identity crisis. However rather than binning the old blog I have redesigned it, all the old posts are still available but the old URL ( is now dead. Instead use

As I am currently without a boat, the blog will focus on anything and everything to do with small boat sailing, with a focus of cruising. Anything else that I fancy including will be labelled off_topic. I do hope to get another boat at some point and my next post will look at some of the boats that fit my requirements.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Tardis has been sold!

Well obviously quite an interesting few weeks since my last post which has seen our beloved Wanderer dinghy  Tardis being sold to a new owner. So why did we take such drastic action?

After many months of discussion we have decided that Tardis doesn't meet all our requirements, which now include:

* a cabin to keep out the British weather whilst having our lunch!

* a cabin which will facilitate sleeping on-board for the odd night

* some form of ballast so I can be lazy and not have to spend hours hiking.

Whilst a 50 foot yacht would meet all these requirements, we feel that a trailer-sailor would be a better fit for our holidays and my bank balance! However I would like to point out that Tardis was a fantastic boat to own, every time I took the cover off other members of the sailing club would come and admire her, she sailed beautifully and kept me safe whilst sailing in some quite large swell on the sea on more than one occasion. I would recommend a wanderer dinghy to anyone who is looking for a safe, versatile and fun boat to sail. I think it is also worth noting that the customer service at Hartley boats is nothing short of fantastic and a pleasure to do business with.

So I now have to decided what to do with the blog, will it fade away into internet history or do I have something else planned for it? Stay tuned!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sail around Penzance Bay

Having had such a nice time in Devon, myself and Laura decided we would see what Cornwall has to offer and went camping down in St Ives. Fortunately unlike previous trips this venture was blessed 20 - 25C and gentle winds.