Thursday, 18 October 2012

Trailer refurbishment

The lopsided right wheel
As I plan on doing a lot of trailer-sailing in my voyager, the trailer was in need of urgent attention. The right hand axle was bent and neither of the mud guards was sat over wheels correctly.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Voyager Day Sail

This was only our second time out with Quest, but worth the wait as we went for a sail on our usual stomping ground Rutland Water. Weather: Force 2, sunny but only 13C. It took us just 30 minutes to get sailing, including removing ratchet straps and stepping the mast. I noticed yet again that performance really was lacking upwind in comparison to my old Wanderer dinghy which really excelled in light winds with its large sail area and minimal weight.  I think the Voyager would definitely benefit from some new sails (on the wish list) and maybe a small spinnaker for downwind? Of course if we were on the coast I would of just motored. 

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

AIS on your smartphone

I recently discovered a cool looking app for anyone with an iphone or android phone that goes coastal sailing. Basicly it turns your phone into an AIS receiver  It costs £6.99 and you will need to register for an MSSI number with ofcom (UK).

  • Real time map view of your boat and boats near you via AIS.
  • Over the horizon collision avoidance and alarm using Closest Point of Approach (CPA)
  • CPA calculations and AIS position updates continously in background
  • Compass mode to sight ships on the map
  • Current Speed, Course and GPS location
  • Man Overboard tracking (iOS only at present)
  • Anchor Watch and Theft Alarms (iOS only at present)
  • Ship to Ship instant messaging – chat with other Boat Beacon boats.  (iOS only at present)
  • Magnetic or True North setting.  (iOS only at present)
  • MMSI numbers to contact nearby boats on via VHF.