Thursday, 24 July 2014

Keels back on Quest

Since my last post on quest both the keels have come off have been mounting surfaces cleaned
so I can seal the keel to hull joint. I have faired both the keels using west system epoxy which has reduced the pitting on them dramatically.  I have also redrilled all the keel bolt holes in the stub keels after filling them with epoxy, this will ensure a tight fit with the new metric M8 keel bolts which are 1mm narrower than the old imperial keel bolts. I used a home made jig to ensure the keel bolt holes were in the correct place and I am please to say it worked perfectly!

Monday, 14 July 2014

Kayaking Oundle to Peterborough River Nene

I have long nagged Ryan about wanting to do some more adventurous paddles in our
kayaks and he had very kindly obliged last month by coming sea kayaking. However this wasn't enough! I wanted more! So a 30 mile paddle from Oundle to Peterborough with a wild camp stop over was needed!