Saturday, 24 January 2015

Dinghy Cruising Associtation

Today my Dinghy Cruising Association membership came through, I have known about the DCA for a long time but for some reason I have never joined. I'm glad I finally stumped up the very reasonable £24pa, a letter arived with membership number, a list of member details and the DCA magazine. The latter is particularly informative, providing information on past and upcoming rallies, technical articles and stories written by DCA members. 

I particularly enjoyed reading about Hafren, a wayfarer which sailied around Britain last year in a record breaking 32 days 3 hours. An incredible achievement. 

Friday, 23 January 2015

Quest update: work on stern part 1

I have used another 6kg of epoxy this month, so progress has continued! I have started on the stern and the following list of work has been completed on the stern to date:

* 2x stern quater inspection hatches cut to size
* 2x stern quater cleats cleats brought, holes drills and support ply cut
* new stern cross beam cut and epoxyed into place
* 2 layers of 400g cloth applied to inside of: transome, hull, cockpit and sidedecks
* 3x cross support beams epoxyed to underside of both side decks
* 1x cross support  beam epoxyied to underside of cockpit sole
* 2x fore-aft bulkheads/cockpit supports cut to size
* wide toestrap brought
* 2x flat padeyes for cockpit sole brought
* 4x barton inspection hatches brought

Friday, 2 January 2015

Quest update: Bulkhead is in

Finally got around to cutting the bulkhead out of 18mm exterior ply. Filled any gaps with epoxy and then a fillet around the edges and put 2 layers of tabbing on both side of the bulkhead.

Its really solid now all that's left to do is put a coat of resin over to protect the wood and sealant around the hatch (still awaiting some stainless steel bolts for the hatch).