Thursday, 12 February 2015

Quest update: working on stern part 2

I have almost completed the main structural work in the stern now as can be seen in the photos the hole boat is being significantly reinforced. Hopefully not at the cost of to much weight, although strength and longevity is more important to me when working on quest.

The following work has been completed since my last update:

* both fore-aft bulkheads have been filleted, tabbed and epoxy coated.

* cockpit sole support has been fiberglassed into place.

* 2 quarter bulkheads have been cut and epoxyed into place and watertight inspection hatches have been brought to allow access through them if required.

*the bridgedeck has been reinforced with 2 additional crossbeams fiberglassed into place and has had 3 layers of 400g cloth applied.

*below the bridgedeck an open locker has been made.

I am hoping to move onto fiberglassing and reinforcing the middle of the boat in the next coming weeks.