Monday, 8 June 2015

First sail on the sea

In my previous post I mentioned that my plan was to take Quest on Rutland water a couple more times before going out on the sea. However a chance look at the tides for Fosdyke and an ideal forecast tempted me to have a go. 

Fosdyke is the nearest coastal slipway to my house, unfortunately its not the ideal location for a second sail on a small boat, as I have previously written about here. The tidal streams can run upto 7 knots on the Welland and the slipway can only be used at HW. 

Due to it being my first outing and the associated risks I knocked together the following brief  plan:

    Sunrise 0442 / Sunset 2113

    Tide times at Tabs head:  
    HW 0749 7.3m
    LW 1536 0.9m
    HW 2015 7.1m

   Weather Forecast: 
   8 - 10mph S backing to SSE 14mph at 1400 Sunny 20C

   * Leave at 0800 from fosdyke slip
   * Arrive at black buoy by 1100 (Avg. speed 2.7kn)
   * anchor at clay hole from 1100 - 1200
   * 1230 head NE towards Boston Deeps
   * 1500 Turn for home
   * leave black buoy no later than 1830
   * Arrive Fosdyke slipway by 2030

I pleased to report my passage plan was successful, it was however a long day, 15 hours from leaving home to arriving back. None the less, it was enjoyable. I have wanted to get out sailing on the wash for at least the last 3 years and it feels great to fore fill an ambition. 

Below is some notes from the log for the day:

0650 left home
0810 left fosdyke slipway
0940 past tabs head (avg speed 4.2 kn)
1020 Refueled engine. 1 liter lasted 8nm
1039 anchored in clay hole at 4.2m
1213 past foxtrot buoy
1245 past echo buoy, sailing towards scullridge buoy (60 T)
1357 Turning back to home. Bearing 69 T at range of  0.86nm  from Scullridge buoy
1433 past echo buoy
1500 past foxtrot
1531 anchor set in clay hole, wind speed increased to 14 mph
1751 left clayhole for fosdyke slipway
1930 Arrived fosdyke slipway
2006 enough water to remove boat
2200 arrived home

Gps log: Total distance: 26.3nm in 8hr 54 mins. Moving Avg: 3.3kn

I am very much learning as I go, in relation to navigation. I know my log isn't textbook by any means, I should include course, wind strength, wind direction and position whenever I make an entry. But these notes are useful for me! Looking back, most used items included GPS, compass, binoculars, echosounder and chart. I also overestimated how long it would take to do complete the 8nm leg from slipway to open water, I allowed 3 hours at 2.7kn but I actually did it in 2 1/2 hours with an avg speed closer to 4 kn.