Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Aurora Sky-Lite distress flare

This popped up on my Facebook feed today, Yachting Monthly posted...

Another live product launch from METS! The Aurora Sky-Lite distress flare from Crewsaver is available in January and can propel two red stars to 60m by hand held launcher. Comes in at £13.95 and lasts four years - ideal for your kit bag! Read more http://bit.ly/ym-mets15 ‪#‎metstrade‬

A flare for under £14? looks good on the face of it, I look forward to reading a review

Friday, 6 November 2015

Sarah Outen Completes Circumnavigation

British adventurer Sarah Outen set out from Tower Bridge in April 2011 on her London2London: Via the World expedition. Her goal: to row, bike and kayak around the northern hemisphere, inspiring children and fundraising for charities.
Sarah has overcome huge obstacles and endured extreme conditions in remote environments, often alone for months at a time. A typhoon on the North Pacific forced a mid Ocean rescue from her rowing boat in 2012 and a hurricane on the Atlantic this summer forced a pre-emptive evacuation after 143 days at sea. She has also kayaked some of the most treacherous waterways in the world and cycled across North America during one of the harshest Winters on record.
Finally, after 4.5 years and over 25000 miles, Sarah is now back home. The final leg of the journey saw her cycle and kayak from Falmouth to London, paddling under Tower Bridge at midday on 3rrd November to complete her journey.
Her book Dare to Do about her expedition will be out in May 2016.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Bringing the blog back to life

I never set out to update the blog every week or even month but somehow  not posting for 4 months seams to have let things slip, I have written and back dated my last two outings on Quest and hope I won't leave 4 month gaps between my posts again...

In the mean time here is a video of a couple of trips on the Orwell and Stour.